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One Coin for All of Your Cards – Digital Card Device

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Coin is a credit-card size device similar to the Proteân Echo that retains multiple cards in its memory. As of November 2013, it’s currently in the crowd-source funding phase, but is reported for availability in 2014.

There are many card storage apps for the iPhone and other mobile devices. These will keep track of your card numbers and details. At many retail stores, the clerk will enter your number by hand (if you have it stored with these apps for easy retrieval), or bring it up by your phone number.

However, credit cards and some rewards cards need to be scanned. That’s where this device will be useful. Apparently it can mimic your cards through a dynamic magnetic strip. It’s programmed by scanning existing cards in the same way some smart Universal Remotes can learn from the original. After the Coin smart card is programmed, it can be swiped in a reader.

Security Risk

A potential security risk of this and other devices is that it may allow people to capture physical credit card data and then reuse it without the owner knowing their card has been stolen (since they will still have the original card in their possession. This could happen any time the card is out of someone’s possession for even a moment (at a drive through or restaurant for example). Most credit cards have a number of ways for merchants to know it’s the original card and you are the original owner (photo, signature, and computer chip).


Watch the video below for more details.

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Great Job/Career Opportunity – Requires Advanced Microsoft Word Skills

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This is a great opportunity to work with an award winning professor of law who has provided education and training to health care agencies, programs and facilities in over thirty states and the District of Columbia.

Work Required

You’ll be providing assistance with the final formatting and layout of a lengthy report that includes numerous tables and charts. The document will need an appendices, table of contents, and appropriate use of styles for headings to provide automated updating of table of contents.


This assignment will begin in the second or third week of December and may run several weeks. Additional work may be assigned.


Pay is negotiable.


Computer and office space in the Iowa City area are provided.


Those interested should send an email to or complete the form below.

Free Unlimited Live Tech Support 24/7 and 365 Days-Per-Year with Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Tablet Computer

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Raising the Bar on Technical Support

Amazon has just raised the bar on what consumers will expect with technical support:

“Live instantaneous on-screen tech support and instruction 24 hours-a-day and 365 days-per-year anywhere in the world. All for the low price of free.” (Click Here to Learn More)

A More Economical Technology Choice

When you buy an inkjet printer these days, the real cost of ownership is found in the cost of regularly replacing the ink cartridges. In fact, for most devices, it’s not the purchase price, but the ongoing support costs that are so expensive. Considering the high cost of low quality tech support, complicated interactive phone menus, long hold times, off-shore call centers, and impersonal instructions over the phone that requires that you do the work, the Amazon free unlimited support plan makes the Kindle Fire HDX tablet computer an obvious choice for consumers.

Kindle Fire HDX Tablet Computer Has Many Uses

If you’re seeking a computing platform for browsing the web, checking emails, reading books, watching movies, working with spreadsheets, using Skype, posting to Facebook, managing calendars, printing documents, and working with various programs,  you may want to consider the Kindle Fire HDX tablet computer. (Buy Now)

Better Performance Through Better Support

It doesn’t matter how powerful your computer is if it’s not working due to a virus or other unknown problem, and if you can’t get someone to fix the system, it’s useless. Amazon’s new tablet computing system has a super powerful 2.2GHz quad-core processor, but what really makes it perform better than any other computing device is that the system includes ongoing 24/7 support 365 days-per-year.

Instantaneous Live Support

Within seconds, a live support technician will appear on your screen and can guide you through tasks or provide instruction. They can also perform infrequent tasks for you if you’d rather not take the time to learn.

This amazing support contract is included in the purchase price of the tablet ($229 for the 7″ model and $379 for 8.9″ model)

Video Demonstration

The video below offers a videos demonstrating the new Kindle Fire HDX features including the live on-screen support.

Iowa City Tech Support and Services – A Preventative Approach

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The Technology Services Resource Group was founded in Iowa City by Greg Johnson in the early 1980s as Public Interest Computer Consulting (PICC). In the early 1990s, the name was changed to PC-DOC. By the year 2001, the name was changed to Technology Services Resource Group (TSRG) in an effort to convey the broad range of support available. Although services are provided beyond Iowa City, having a familiar domain name of Iowa City Technology Services helps to identify TSRG as a local resource.

Prevention Services

The term “tech support” is generally used to convey hardware repair or some other kind of computer help.

A “tech support” mindset is generally reactive rather than proactive in responding to computer problems. When something breaks, you call tech support.

However the term “technology services” can include not only problem fixing, but problem avoidance by offering services such as user training, implementing data backup plans, and installing antivirus and security software. Technology services can include integration of different devices (mobile, desktop, and other).

By contrast, tech support is usually there for you when things go wrong. Proper setup, support, and training should help avoid problems.

So, deciding on the name Technology Services, seemed to be a better fit.